Dear Dharma Friends,

We are pleased to announce that the Wisdom & Compassion Dharma University will launch three online Dharma courses on April 1st, 2017.

The texts we will study together is the Heart Sutra, Ngulchu Thogme’s The Thirty-Seven Practices of a Bodhisattva, and Lama Tsongkhapa’s In Praise of Dependent Origination. All the teachings will be offered by the Dharma teachers at Larung Gar in the way of following Khenpo Sodargye’s teaching and his commentary. It may take about four months to complete the study of each text, starting from this coming weekend, April 1st & 2nd.

The courses are free, and the reference materials will be provided for each lecture. We offer the same teaching twice a week to better fit your schedule, and you can choose either of them to follow the courses:


1. 37 Practices of a Bodhisattva

Session I:

Sundays 7:00-9:00AM (China Standard Time UTC+08:00)

Session II:

Sundays 3:00-5:00PM(China Standard Time UTC+08:00)

2. Heart Sutra

Session I:

Saturdays 4:00-6:00PM (China Standard Time UTC+08:00)

Session II:

Sundays 9:00-11:00AM(China Standard Time UTC+08:00)

3. In Praise of Dependent Origination

Session I:

Sundays 9:00-11:00AM (China Standard Time UTC+08:00)

Session II:

Sundays 5:00-7:00PM(China Standard Time UTC+08:00)


The time is based on the Beijing time, and please go to check your local time by using a time zone converter.

If you want to learn more about the courses, please send your email to [email protected] We’ll respond to you as quickly as we can.

May everything always be auspicious with you!



The English Translation Group at Larung Gar

Under the Direction of Khenpo Sodargye Rinpoche