The Sword of Wisdom for Thoroughly Ascertaining Reality

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In Praise of Dependent Origination

Lesson 1 Video

Introduction to the Two Truths

By Jowo Atisha

( Khenpo Sodargye Tibetan Chinese translation and Interpretation)

Sanskrit: satyadvaydvatdra
Tibetan: bden gnyis la ‘jug pa,
Chinese: Ru Er Di Lun

Homage to the compassionate Avalokiteshvara!

Verse 1
All Buddhas taught genuine Dharma
Appropriately in accordance with the two truths
Which are the worldly relative truth
And absolute truth.

Commentary on verse 1:

When expounding the genuine Dharma of liberation, it is certain that all the Buddhas of the three times appropriately relied on the teachings of the two truths: relative truth and absolute truth. The part of all worldly phenomena falls under relative truth; the part


Twenty Verses of Mahayana

Composed by Nagarjuna

Commentary by Khenpo Sodargye

Sanskrit: Mahayanavimsaka
Tibetan: Theg pa chen po nyi shu pa

Chinese: Da Cheng Er Shi Song
Homage to the Youth Manjushiri! 

1. The Buddha has realized no clinging
It is beyond the state of subjective words and objective meaning
I bow down in reverence to the Buddha out of great compassion
whose power transcends conceptual thoughts

Commentary on verse 1:

At the beginning, the translator (from Sanskrit to Tibetan) followed the convention for sutra and shastra translation in Tibet – to bow down in reverence to the wisdom deity, the Youth Manjushiri. Then,


Summary Verses of Prajna


Prajnaparamita is the most supreme and most profound essence of all Dharma jewel treasure; it is the real Dharmakaya relic of the Buddha. None of the Buddhas of the three times have obtained enlightenment without prajna. As is said in this text, “The Buddhas of the ten directions in the past or in the future, prajna is their only path not anything else.” The Buddha taughtAnanda, “Even if you lose all the dharma I have taught you, you should never lose even a word in prajna. You should protect and preserve this prajna with great gratitude toward Tataghata; remember