Khenpo’s Diamond — Living with Wisdom, Volume II

Khenpo’s Diamond– Living with Wisdom (Volume II) is the second book from the series of daily wisdom teachings given by Khenpo Sodargye in 2019. This particular compilation offers an admirably succinct presentation of quotations from scriptures of the Triyana, i.e., Hinayana, Mahayana, and Vajrayana.

As you read this book, you’ll find yourself experiencing a graded spiritual path of self-awakening, starting from adjusting one’s conduct, pacifying negative emotions and arousing bodhicitta for the welfare of others, to recognizing one’s own primordial awareness. By merely reading these words, one’s mind is accompanied by deepest intuitions and glimpses into the truth while one’s heart is nourished and moistened by the tenderness of compassion and love.


Living in this ever-changing world, we fluctuate between being happy and being sad. Taking birth in this world, we face it unprepared. We are constantly exposed to a spectrum of ever varying range of emotions: sadness, joy, pleasure, anxiety, desire, hatred and so on. While we enjoy and relish the loving care offered to us by our parents, our hearts shatter at the sight of them passing away. We may greatly enjoy romancing with our beloved partners but feel brokenhearted when our relationships don’t flourish. Such is life: it will continue to disappoint us as long as we endeavor in our illusory search for something permanent and unchanging in this phenomenal world that is always in a state of flux. One needs not lament: this mud is very much needed for the lotus of realization and awakening to blossom within us.

Unfortunately, so often, we’ve failed to appreciate the hidden messages we encounter in life. The truth is always there, but it is so sad that we miss it again and again. What we need is a key to decipher and interpret the messages life is sending to us. This is exactly what Khenpo’s Diamond – Living with Wisdom can provide—a guide to discover the unchangeable truth and our inconceivable innate qualities, within the framework of our ever-changing lives. This is offered in an admirably succinct presentation of quotations from the ocean of the Triyana, within which everyone can find inspiration.

Each living being is unique and different, and that is why the three yanas of Buddhist teachings were taught by the Buddha. The Chakrasamvara Tantra says,

“The dispositions of sentient beings are inconceivable,

The magic displays of buddhas are inconceivable.

Although there are sects different from one’s own,

Do not slander or abandon them.

Instead, aspire one day to master them all.”

In essence, the three yanas are designated for the liberation of beings. “Liberation” is none other than the uncovering of the inconceivable and innate qualities within every one of us. The Buddha simply offers different vehicles to help us reach the final destination. Practitioners have the option to choose the suitable one when traveling on the path. There are no contradictions among these vehicles. Instead, they complement one another to produce a completely comprehensive ride and the optimal experience for each practitioner.

This is what makes Khenpo’s Diamond so relevant and special with selections from the Sigalovada Sutta, the fundamental teaching on virtuous conduct, the Agama Sutra, the fundamental teaching on impermanence and suffering, the Vimalakirti Sutra, the doctrine on emptiness and non-duality, the Seven Treasuries, the revelation on Dzogchen, and many more.

As mentioned in the Ornament of the Pure Land Sutra,

“It is rare that the Buddha comes to the world.

It is rare that the Dharma has been taught in the world.

It is rare that one obtains a human body.”

Now that we are endowed with all of these rare conditions, there is no reason not to make full use of our precious opportunity. Particularly in this chaotic age full of uncertainty, it is essential that each of us seize every opportunity to discover the very secret nature of our mind, at both phenomenal and ultimate level. That way, we can always enjoy inner happiness and remain grounded and steadfast, no matter what happens in our future.

We sincerely wish that these teachings offered by Khenpo Sodargye provide you with a fresh opportunity to dive into the vast ocean of Triyana and obtain a glimpse of the profound and vast compassionate wisdom that all great masters have inherited from the Buddha. May you enjoy Khenpo’s Diamond and start an amazing spiritual journey!

When hearing unpleasant words,
Recognize that they are like the echoes in an empty valley;
When caught in adversities,
Understand that this is the result of karma from previous lives.

— Pandita Dipamkara Shrijnana (Venerable Atisha’s monastic name)

The Buddha of Boundless Light prophesied:
I made the great vow in the past that whoever hears my name, without doubt, will be born in my pure land.
Now that my vow has been completed, sentient beings from myriad worlds will take birth in my pure land and achieve the non-regressing state within one lifetime.

Mahayana Sutra of the Ornament of the Sublime Boundless Light



When a thought arises, watch it and let it be spontaneously liberated.
When no thoughts arise, rest your mind at ease.
Constantly abide in the luminous state, day and night,
And do not seek for the fruits of future lives. A la la.

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