A Journey to the West

Thirty years ago, in 1993, His Holiness Jigme Phuntsok Rinpoche traveled to Europe and North America to share the dharma with people in the West. During this trip, His Holiness bestowed upon the western audience, completely and without reservation, empowerments of all his most renowned termas and also imparted pointing-out instructions on the most profound Dzogchen teachings. Such concise but profound and complete instructions were difficult to obtain even within the Tibetan monastic community. The exceptional wisdom and preeminent realization of His Holiness deeply impressed and influenced a large number of Europeans and Americans.

This year coincides with the 30th anniversary of His Holiness’ visit, and the 20th anniversary of his parinirvana. Considering such a special occasion, Khenpo Sodargye, as a close disciple who accompanied Rinpoche on the trip, compiled His Holiness’ teachings, together with his own recollections, into a new book, A Journey to the WestWith the wish to enable people in the present time to receive the transmission of the teachings His Holiness gave back in 1993 and to experience Rinpoche’s direct blessing, Khenpo Sodargye began giving teachings on this book in August of 2023. These teachings are now available with simultaneous translation in both English and Japanese.


Audio Recordings (with simultaneous English translation)

Audio Recordings (with simultaneous Japanese translation)

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Now you have made an auspicious connection with the Great Perfection. It is the dharma that belongs to the bodhisattvas in their last rebirth. If you can put it into actual practice, that is the best; but even if you do not practice and just sleep all day long, you are still the happiest on this land. Nobody can be much happier.

I personally believe the Tibetan version of the sadhana of Peaceful Manjushri has been blessed by Lord Manjushri, and the sadhana of Vajrakilaya Gurkhukma has been blessed by Orgyen Rinpoche Padmasambhava.

This time, as you have all received the precious teaching of Peaceful Manjushri, it is important for you to engage in actual practice and further share it with many others as best as you can. This is my sincere hope and also your own responsibility. If you are able to do so, both you and other beings will benefit immensely from this terma.