Surangama Sutra

For over one thousand years, the Surangama Sutra has been held in great esteem in the Mahayana Buddhism, especially in Zen Buddhism.
Theoretically speaking, this sutra contains teachings ranging from emptiness, Buddha-nature, to Vajrayana. From the practical aspect, it teaches about the Surangama Samadhi, which is associated with complete enlightenment, and also teaches practitioners how to avoid dangers that may be encountered when absorbed in meditation. This is an indispensable text for scholars who want to deepen their understanding of Buddhism, and for practitioners who want to improve their understanding of the nature of mind and achieve a profound state of meditation.


Audio Recordings (with simultaneous English translation)

Videos (Lecture 1-13)

Without the reading of the Lotus Sutra, the buddha’s true path of salvation would be unknown of; Without the study in The Surangama Sutra, the crucial point of determining our fate in samsara or nirvana would remain veiled.