The King of Aspiration Prayers

The King of Aspiration Prayers is the king of all aspiration prayers. It contains the aspirations of all the buddhas and bodhisattvas, as many great masters have acknowledged.

The power of this prayer is extraordinary. By reciting it, we will obtain excellent rebirths in all future lives, endowed with perfect advantages, such as good looks, wealth, noble status, health, and longevity. Moreover, our negativities, even those as grave as the five heinous crimes can be completely purified, and all virtuous wishes can be accomplished.

Most importantly, if we practice this aspiration prayer with devotion in this life, at the moment of death, we will instantly see before us Buddha Amitabha, surrounded by countless bhikkhus and bodhisattvas. Meanwhile, Buddha Amitabha will praise us with his vajra speech and welcome us to his pure land. Then, amid his comforting words, we will take rebirth in Sukhavati peacefully. There, we will perfect all virtues and qualities, thereby acquiring inconceivable power to bring happiness and benefits to all beings.


H. H. Jigme Phuntsok Rinpoche placed great importance on The King of Aspiration Prayers. Whenever he visited a holy site, he always aspired with this prayer. At Larung Gar, it is our tradition to recite this aspiration prayer at every Dharma teaching and assembly. I often think that, even if someday I don’t have the time to give any lecture, simply reciting The King of Aspiration Prayers once makes my day meaningful.

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