Homage and Offerings to the Sixteen Elders

The Homage and Offerings to the Sixteen Elders, composed by the great Pandita Shakyashri, is a powerful prayer for the prosperity of the Dharma and the longevity of all great masters.

Instructed by the Buddha to uphold the victory banner of the teachings, the sixteen great elders vowed to remain in different parts of our present world, sustain the Dharma, and continuously grant their blessings to all the holders of the teachings. If we invoke the sixteen noble ones, relying upon their boundless miraculous power and blessings, as well as the force of their aspirations and words of truth, not only can we accomplish our own benefit, but the Dharma will spread far and wide, and the lifespan of all great masters will be prolonged.

In today’s world, it is particularly important that we engage in such practices, so that the Dharma will prosper and all great teachers will remain long among us to continue benefitting sentient beings.


Relying upon the boundless miraculous powers and blessings of these arhats, as well as their aspirations and words of truth, the lifespans of all great masters who genuinely uphold the Dharma teachings will be prolonged.

As Buddhists, we should know of the deeds of these sixteen great disciples of the Buddha. Likewise, non-Buddhists should understand that these Buddhist records are not superstitious, nor are they fabricated legends. They are all true accounts with reliable historical evidence.

Homage and Offerings to the Sixteen Elders (videos by lecture)

Homage and Offerings to the Sixteen Elders (videos by verse)

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When the Dharma teachings increase and flourish, beings will definitely obtain harmony and happiness, the world will be at peace and beneficial conditions will arise, resulting in a better, more favorable world for all.