Meditation Categories 4. Sufferings of Samsara

38. Deducing the Miserable Plight in Samsara in Future Lives

Longchen Nyingtik Meditation 38

The Beginning

Take refuge and arouse bodhichitta.

The Main Part

Think: At present, you have obtained a free and well-endowed human body. Yet if now you are struck by a tiny spark or pricked by a tiny needle, you find it unbearable. Nor can you stand it if you are a little too cold or too hot, hungry, thirsty, or fatigued. This being so, if after death you fall into the realm of hell beings, hungry ghosts, or animals, how on earth can you endure the sufferings there? For now, you can hardly bear it if you are sick for even one day, so how can you ever tolerate the sufferings of endless cyclic existence? The agony in samsara is indeed heart-wrenching, and there is never a pinpoint of happiness wherever rebirth is. Therefore, resolve: I am totally disillusioned about samsara; I long for liberation.

The Ending

Dedicate all the merit of your practice to all sentient beings.