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Make the Right Decision at the Crossroads of Life

From time to time, we find ourselves standing at a crossroads in our lives. At times like these, how can we be sure that we are making the proper choice, or that our decision will lead us in the right direction? During these moments of decision-making, we should keep in mind that the easy path is not necessarily the right one. From this point of view, a little bit of stress may not necessarily a bad thing.

Make the Right Decision at the Crossroads of Life

Actually, all of us may find ourselves standing at the crossroads of life at a certain time. I once wrote a song in which I said, we are all standing at the crossroads of life; one direction leads to brightness and another to darkness, and it is up to ourselves to choose one of them. So when I need to make a decision for my life, if I have pretty good wisdom, then I can choose my path in life on my own.

But if I don’t have a clear idea and feel aimless or even a little bit lost, I shall consult those who have had rich life experiences, such as my teachers, parents and the elders. They can give me valuable advice for my life because they have probably experienced situations similar to mine. For instance, just now I talked with a few teachers, and although we only spoke for a short time, I learned that they have had very precious life experiences as they lived through the war and experienced life’s ups and downs. So they will understand your current state exactly, and they may point out a path that works better for you with just a few words. Therefore, it is essential for young people to consult their elders when standing at the crossroads of life.

Another way is to read books of great wisdom. This can also lead you to the right path. You’d better not spend too much of your time watching television, obscene and violent videos or comics and animations. Most of these things that meet your sensory satisfaction may not provide you valuable life advice. When you become sixty or seventy years old, you will probably realize that TV and movies can only provide negative impacts rather than positive influences on your life. What you love to watch the most will not necessarily bring you the most benefits while those you don’t like can bring real benefit to you.

For instance, acquiring knowledge might be a hard and painful process for some of you, yet it is definitely beneficial to you. And believing in Buddhism currently looks like something that could never happen to you, yet it does have great meaning for your life. Therefore, although some paths of life initially seem difficult to follow, actually as long as you get through the difficult part, you will be led to a promising future. While some other paths seem smooth and wide, they will not necessarily lead you to happiness.