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Buddhism Can Help People from Different Backgrounds Find Peace

Some people might think Buddhism is only for the rich or those who have the luxury to pursue a more meaningful life. Other people believe that Buddhism can only help those who are poor or un-educated. Actually, all people, regardless of their background, can find release from suffering and peace in Buddhism.

Buddhism Can Help People from Different Backgrounds Find Peace


Is that true that your religion is more attractive to richer people, the people who have the luxury of realizing that the life is not all about money, but also about something else. However, a lot of other people who are poor, and thus only see the need of putting food on the table, don’t have that chance to think that they want to have a more meaningful life. Is that true?

Khenpo Sodargye:

I think Chinese adherents of Tibetan Buddhism are from diverse backgrounds, including many senior citizens. Since Buddhism emphasizes teachings on what happens after death, it attracts many seniors. It also attracts the poor, who have suffered in life and have come to Buddhism for help. Additionally, there are also intellectuals who feel that in this world there must be a much more profound knowledge that remains beyond their grasp. They’re very rational yet open to the possibilities, and, of course, there are also rich people who are interested in accumulating various spiritual merits.

As far as I know, Buddhism has always attracted various kinds of people. But what is of keen importance is that when most ordinary people encounter suffering, they become frightened, yet once they have practiced Buddhism, they accept suffering as a natural phenomenon and can actually find peace in suffering. Before studying Tibetan Buddhism, many people have become apathetic or unhappy whether they are rich or poor. Afterwards, when they realize that life depends on various causes and conditions, and no matter what happens in life, they eventually have courage to face anything. I think this is an important reason.