Meditation Categories 6. Spiritual Teachers

51. Praising Authentic Teacher’s Qualities II

Longchen Nyingtik Meditation 51

The Beginning

Take refuge and arouse bodhichitta.

The Main Part

Meditate: The excellent spiritual masters are greater than anyone in the world. Why? Their superb qualities can be described from several aspects:

Their enlightened intent is as vast as the sky. Whatever they say or do is imbued with profound, unfathomable intent of delivering sentient beings to liberation.

Their samadhi is as splendid as the sun and the moon.

Their wisdom is as immeasurable as the ocean.

Their compassion is as powerful and swift as a great river.

Their mind is as steadfast as Mount Meru.

Free from any stain, they are like a white lotus.

With their hearts going out equally to all, they are like a father or a mother.

Their self-accomplishing qualities are like a treasure trove.

Guiding sentient beings of the world, they resemble a mighty emperor.

Every quality of the sublime gurus is beyond the comprehension and assessment of ordinary beings. How marvelous! Therefore, resolve: May all my gurus always be pleased with me and embrace me with immense compassion! In all my lives, may I never be separated from authentic gurus!

The Ending

Dedicate all the merit of your practice to all sentient beings.