Meditation Categories 9. Generating Bodhicitta

65. The Benefit of Arousing Bodhicitta

Longchen Nyingtik Meditation 65

The Beginning

Take refuge and arouse bodhicitta.

The Main Part

Here we contemplate on the benefits of bodhicitta: Among all the Mahayana teachings, arousing bodhicitta counts as supreme. If you do not give rise to bodhicitta, temporarily no worldly or spiritual qualities will manifest, and ultimately no enlightenment is possible. However, if you generate bodhicitta and let go of self-grasping, you will accomplish the perfect Buddhahood.


Why? It is because bodhicitta is solely capable of eradicating samsaric suffering and demolishing all root and subsidiary destructive emotions. Such a motivation far surpasses the loving-kindness of the Sravakas, Pratyekabuddhas, Brahmas, and Brahmins. Bodhicitta multiplies good roots limitlessly and yields merits in boundless measure. Having aroused bodhicitta, you become the Buddha’s heir and are worthy of the offerings of the world. You establish the basis of happiness and accomplish all your wishes, including the vast deed of benefiting others. You’ll swiftly attain enlightenment.


Therefore, resolve: I must now give rise to bodhicitta.


Intellectually, it is easy to understand the benefit of bodhicitta; however, to generate bodhicitta experientially requires constant deliberation. We must develop an appreciation of what Patrul Rinpoche had to say about bodhicitta—to have which is enough by itself, but to lack which renders anything else futile. Resolve: I must make a concerted effort to ignite bodhicitta in my being, even if merely for an instant. I shall also strive to eliminate its obstructing forces.

The Ending

Dedicate the merit of your practice to all sentient beings.