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The Benefits of Stillness Meditation

We must first have a very good reason, if we are to create the determination to do something. If you have a clear idea of the benefits of meditation and keep reflecting on them on a regular basis, you will cultivate a strong determination and develop great energy to keep meditating. This recollection and reflection on the benefits of meditation are also a part of meditation practice.

The Benefits of Stillness Meditation

For Dharma practitioners, a lack of intelligence won’t allow them to succeed. Both intelligence and faith are indispensable.

Of the many methods of practice, meditation is probably the most essential. There are various meditation techniques; among them, mindfulness meditation is very important. This means to cultivate stillness of the mind so that it is not disturbed by conceptual thoughts.

What is the benefit of suppressing conceptual thoughts? Almost everyone has various thoughts about their lives and their future. We feel desire when seeing a pleasing person or object, or develop anger when being offended by a person or object, or experience jealousy, arrogance and many other emotions. All of these can harm us both physically and mentally. If we are able to put aside all thoughts and rest our minds within a realm of pure emptiness, we can experience the delight of being blissful and peaceful. This kind of meditation can benefit us in many ways.

Many people have achieved different levels of enlightenment through meditation. What practical benefits can meditation bring? It can increase your intelligence and give you a more calm and focused state of mind. For any work you are engaged in or any career you choose, it can help you to achieve greater and more efficient access to success.

Take for example the founder of Apple, Steve Jobs. According to his biography, he attributed his innovative ability to his meditation practice. When he was a young man, he went to India to learn the Dharma. Probably most of you are familiar with his story. In his biography, he said that it was meditation that increased his intelligence and in turn awakened his creativity and innovation, which allowed him to offer so many work opportunities and change so many people’s lives. So it can be said that the root of his innovation is related to the power of his meditation practice. So meditation can play an important role in our lives.