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The Evidence of Reincarnation

For a Buddhist, it is easy to grasp the theory of reincarnation, but for those who don’t believe in Buddhism, how can we convince them to accept the reality of its existence?

The Evidence of Reincarnation

Talking about the teaching of the mind, for people who believe in reincarnation, they can easily accept the teaching. While for others, it is difficult. In Buddhism, there is logic inference in the study of the mind. As we know, the mind is completely different from physical materials, so the cause of mind can only be mind instead of the physical body.

For example, there is an eight-year old boy who can speak fluently in eight languages. For those who don’t accept reincarnation, they also have to admit that there is a cause for it from before the boy was born. Otherwise, just within this life we cannot find a good reason for his language ability. So in Buddhism, there is an intelligent way of logic inference to convince people. For those nonbelievers, I feel it is a better approach and much easier for them to accept.

Today’s science has learned a lot about the human body. But as far as the human mind is concerned, science cannot find any evidence to prove there are no causes from past lives. Although it has been highly developed, science cannot draw such a conclusion.

Take the former President of Sri Lanka for example. Many global newspapers had reported about a child who can trace his memory back to his past life as the President of Sri Lanka. Although his family doesn’t have any religious background, the child does have a clear memory of his past life. Scientists don’t have a good explanation for his story and can only keep it as a mystery with no answer.