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How to Bring Benefit to My Old Parents?

Parents brought us into the world and taught us to speak and walk. To this day, they continue to provide us all kinds of life necessities and warm our hearts with love. So as children, what can we do for them? Especially for Buddhists, what is the best way to repay the endless kindness of parents?  

How to Bring Benefit to My Old Parents?


Day by day, my parents are growing older. So as a lay practitioner, what practice shall I do to fulfill my filial duty to my parents? What kind of sutra or mantra should I chant, to bring my parents peace and happiness and relieve their sufferings and illness in this life, and help them to take rebirth in the Pure Land after this life? Because I believe the love for our parents will turn into the great compassion for all sentient beings in the future. I will be very grateful for your wisdom teaching. Namo Amitabha.

Khenpo Sodargye:

If you want to benefit your parents or the elders in your family, according to the Tibetan tradition, the best way is to recite the Mani mantra. Some Tibetans may recite it more than one hundred million times. So I advise you to chant the Mani mantra as many times as possible.