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Meditation: A Powerful Way to Eliminate Negative Emotions

As long as negative emotions occupy one’s mind, peace and happiness can never be expected no matter how rich one is, healthy one is, or high-spirited one is. In fact, these negative emotions will turn one’s life into a mess. Meditation, as a way to return back to the inner mind, helps one to abide in peace and is definitely a powerful antidote to negative emotions and discursive thoughts.

Meditation: A Powerful Way to Eliminate Negative Emotions

Authentic meditation is to abide in the nature of the mind. The benefits of worldly mindfulness meditation may even surpass those of possessions, love relationships, art, scientific research, and charity.


Why is meditation so powerful? As in our daily life negative emotions, such as anger, greed, jealousy, arrogance, etc., may arise in our mind. In fact, all these emotions will bring negative influence to us. Once afflictive emotions arise, no matter how affluent you are, your life would still be stuck in a mess and you won’t have a clue about how to deal with it. So negative emotions really have a great impact on us.


When your mind is at peace, all your discursive thoughts and delusive ideas will naturally vanish into the nature of your mind. At that time, such power of abiding in tranquility and peace can help you eliminate various kinds of unreasonable ideas, negative emotions, and wrong views. All these can be eliminated.