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New Longchen Nyingtik Ngondro Available: Training in Meditation and Emptiness

Since time without beginning, our mind has been rambling with all kinds of thoughts without a moment’s break. At long last we are now managing to calm it down, which necessarily entails a rough start. However, by training in meditative concentration step by step, slowly the mind can be tamed, becoming serene and peaceful.

Though resting meditation is of great importance, without the ultimate wisdom of emptiness, it alone cannot support us to transcend samsara. To many people, external sense objects can never be deemed empty, since all entities—tables, cups, and so forth—are all appearing blatantly. The internal mind, likewise, cannot be empty either, as it is constantly occupied by waves of discursive thoughts. It is only by applying the analysis of Madhyamaka that one can indeed understand the empty nature of all phenomena, and hence grasp neither onto the outer phenomena nor the inner mind. When both the grasped and the grasper dissipate completely, one cannot but abide in emptiness free from any conceptualization.

Please click here to follow Khenpo Sodargye’s guidance on Longchen Nyingtik Meditation 88 to 92, regarding how to practice the paramita of meditative concentration and the paramita of wisdom.