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The Brief Practice of the Three Supreme Methods: The Root of the Great Vehicle

This is a profound pith instruction composed by Terton Sogyal, Lerab Lingpa, which is in actuality, the root of Mahayana practice. The three supreme methods are: arousing bodhicitta at the beginning of a virtuous deed, performing the practice without any conceptualization, and dedicating the merit at the end. No matter what kind of virtuous deed you perform, if you do not apply the three supreme methods, then this deed will not become a cause to accumulate inconceivable amounts of merit and wisdom within the scope of Mahayana. Instead, it will fall under the category of a worldly deed or at best, the scope of individual liberation. If one applies the three supreme methods, then all good deeds, either large or small, can unerringly lead to perfect enlightenment.

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