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New eBook! Seven Points of Mind Training in Swedish

All worldly happiness comes from concern for the welfare of others, while suffering comes from selfishness, and this altruistic spirit can be best cultivated through the training of bodhicitta. In the Seven Points of Mind Training, Chekawa Yeshe Dorje provides practical guidance on developing bodhicitta and teaches us how to achieve real happiness for both ourselves and others step-by-step. Despite that it is a short text, it involves the most supreme and quintessential instructions of the Mahayana training. By putting these instructions into practice, we are able to not only face all sorts of problems in our daily life with ease, but also transform every challenge onto the path of enlightenment. Therefore, Khenpo Sodargye strongly suggests that everyone, especially the Mahayana follower, studies the Seven Points of Mind Training seriously, and earnestly puts it into practice in daily life.

Now, Khenpo Sodargye’s commentary on Seven Points of Mind Training in Swedish is available. Please click here to download it.