How to Do Purification Practice

Khenpo Sodargye will be giving a live Dharma teaching titled How to Do Purification Practice as well as oral transmissions on The Precious Wish-fulfilling Bead: A Vajrasattva Sadhana and The Sadhana for Vajrasattva Practice for Buddhist friends at 7:30 AM EDT on May 31th, 2017 (Wednesday, the 6th day of the Saga Month in Tibetan calendar). English simultaneous interpretation will be available. You are welcome to join us.

Please go to to access the live streaming.

  • Fabrice Delpierre

    how to get connection with live chat ? thancks

  • kylam

    Tashi Delek!!
    THANK YOU SO MUCH RINPOCHE-LA!! we feel so lucky that we could able to have your english translation LIVE!!!SO many westerners and english speakers can be benefitted _/_ _/__/_

  • kylam


  • CombatCritic

    There’s an echo here in the US. Anybody else having this problem? Very hard to understand.

  • CombatCritic

    Thank you. The sound is much better now!

  • AniSherab

    Thank you so much for the opportunity to follow live Khenpo Sodargye Rinpoche’s precious teachings translated in English. Would they also be published in YouTube?